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    Our Transaction Banking team provides you with access to a comprehensive suite of solutions for Uganda

    Banking in Africa requires an in-depth understanding of on-the-ground requirements and the ability to manage and mitigate risk

    Corporate and investment banking at Stanbic Bank Uganda services a broad range of clients including local businesses and corporates

    Stanbic Bank has expertise in industry sectors most relevant to real growth and development in Africa providing insight in sectors

Corporate and Investment banking
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Welcome to Corporate and Investment Banking

We engage with our clients, present and future, by asking the deep questions and thinking of the unconventional to create bespoke solutions.  With a positive approach to achieving goals, we deliver for our clients in realising a vision of a brighter future.



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Corporate finance
Corporate Finance

As Africa gathers momentum, there is an increasing need for expert advisory services to support corporates and institutions across the spectrum of corporate activity. Corporates and institutions are also making greater use of capital markets for their funding needs, which requires specialist technical advice and assistance to support growth.  Our extensive footprint, combined with the expertise and experience of our teams, enable us to guide clients through challenging and complicated financial and regulatory requirements. We are a committed and attentive partner, supporting our clients throughout each transaction.


We understand your need to manage the risks inherent in cross-border trade, across multiple jurisdictions. We provide you with expert advice and trusted solutions to manage the complexities, regulations and risks across your trade finance requirements. As one of the leading banks in terms of assets and earnings, we are uniquely placed to provide you with access to trade finance solutions in our presence countries in Africa.

Interest rate trading and structuring
Money Markets

We provide an effective vehicle for assisting in cash flow management. The Money Market products comprise short and long-term deposits offering cash or increased earnings, designed to fit your requirements. 

Financial institutions
Financial Institutions

We have an in-depth knowledge of often challenging and complex financial and regulatory environments across Africa. We are a respected partner, providing robust and reliable services to financial institutions, across bank sector clients and non-bank financial institutions, with a focus on Africa. As a leading African bank, we have the experience and capability to support escalating trade and investment flows, and increasingly sophisticated financial needs of these clients and their stakeholders. 

Debt primary markets
Debt Primary Markets and Securitization

With the implementation of Basel III, the ability of banks to provide balance sheet funding is being reduced and becoming more expensive. As a result, capital-light products in areas like debt capital markets and securitisation are becoming increasingly important. Infrastructure development and improvement projects are a priority across the continent. With infrastructure project finance, after initial bridge financing or retained cash flow, long-term funding solutions need to be in place. Capital markets are expected to drive most of those projects, with debt capital market or securitisation funding generally best placed to serve this need. With an extensive presence in the East Africa region and experience in the sectors most relevant to its growth and development, Stanbic Bank provides versatile solutions to our clients.

Equity Capital markets
Equity Capital Markets

Sub-Saharan Africa is becoming a significant growth region for global equity investors as opportunities in the region outperform traditional investment destinations. The shift aligns with the increasing size, liquidity and sophistication in many equity capital markets in Africa. We have unrivalled knowledge and expertise in leading equity transactions. We provide our institutional and consumer clients with comprehensive company and market research, equities trading, derivatives trading and asset management. We cover a wide range of assets, from major international names to domestic stocks, and are leaders in positioning them to a global investor base.

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