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    Our Transaction Banking team provides you with access to a comprehensive suite of solutions for Uganda

    Banking in Africa requires an in-depth understanding of on-the-ground requirements and the ability to manage and mitigate risk

    Corporate and investment banking at Stanbic Bank Uganda services a broad range of clients including local businesses and corporates

    Stanbic Bank has expertise in industry sectors most relevant to real growth and development in Africa providing insight in sectors

We have expertise in industry sectors
Most relevant to real growth and development in Africa


Stanbic Bank has expertise in industry sectors most relevant to real growth and development in Africa providing insight in sectors

Our product offering within Sectors
Consumer Sector

New market opportunities in Africa Multinationals and companies operating in saturated markets, which are seeking new revenue sources, can now consider expansion into Africa as a real option.  Africa’s large and youthful population, upward urban growth trajectory, socially-connected mobile users, untapped physical resources and the deepening of the financial sector have been identified as key trends propelling the African economy into the future. Led by a well-established team, we have the ability to unlock attractive African potential for businesses seeking new markets with a partner who can offer sound commercial navigation and balance-sheet backing. 

Financial institutions
Financial Institutions

We have an in-depth knowledge of often challenging and complex financial and regulatory environments across Africa. We are a respected partner, providing robust and reliable services to financial institutions, across bank sector clients and non-bank financial institutions, with a focus on Africa. As a leading African bank, we have the experience and capability to support escalating trade and investment flows, and increasingly sophisticated financial needs of these clients and their stakeholders. 

Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas

Our strategic focus and in-depth local knowledge uniquely positions us to be your ideal financial partner in Uganda. We have strong sector and product knowledge, and we understand the unique character of business in Uganda; from banking, transaction and regulatory requirements, to the players and opportunities and are able to structure financial solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements.

Power & Infrastructure
Power and Infrastructure

We advise all our clients on transactions, whether from the perspective of an investor, contractor or equipment supplier. Our specialist teams in Uganda, Johannesburg, London and Beijing are experienced in securing finance or refinancing any power and infrastructure transaction, and to structure solutions that will ensure minimal risk and volatility.

Public sector
Public Sector

We provide financial solutions to help public institutions meet the existing and emerging challenges which cut across strategic, technical, administrative, regulatory and constitutional obligations to the people of Uganda. We go a long way in promoting more efficient governance through the integration of financial services and technology as well as supporting the Public Sector organizations in strengthening capacity of local communities and community-based organizations.

Telecomms media & tech
Telecommunications, Media & Technology

We work with major multinational operators as they expand across Africa and beyond, as well as smaller players that are developing a vibrant industry on the continent. With us as your partner, you can leverage the multifaceted opportunities across telecommunication and tower infrastructure sharing, media and technology. 

Head, Oil & Gas Sector

Eva Mpalampa

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Manager, Oil & Gas Sector, Business Banking

Victoria N Kayemba

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Head, Public Sector, CIB

Liz Kasedde

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Head, Public Sector, Business Banking

Akampa Aaron

We also offer
Corporate finance
Corporate Finance

As Africa gathers momentum, there is an increasing need for expert advisory services to support corporates and institutions across the spectrum of corporate activity. Corporates and institutions are also making greater use of capital markets for their funding needs, which requires specialist technical advice and assistance to support growth.  Our extensive footprint, combined with the expertise and experience of our teams, enable us to guide clients through challenging and complicated financial and regulatory requirements. We are a committed and attentive partner, supporting our clients throughout each transaction.

Equity Capital markets
Equity Capital Markets

Sub-Saharan Africa is becoming a significant growth region for global equity investors as opportunities in the region outperform traditional investment destinations. The shift aligns with the increasing size, liquidity and sophistication in many equity capital markets in Africa. We have unrivalled knowledge and expertise in leading equity transactions. We provide our institutional and consumer clients with comprehensive company and market research, equities trading, derivatives trading and asset management. We cover a wide range of assets, from major international names to domestic stocks, and are leaders in positioning them to a global investor base.