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Business call account
Business Call account

Funds are invested for an indefinite period of time at a fluctuating interest rate. You can withdraw the funds whenever you want with no period of notice required.

Fixed deposit account
Fixed Deposit account

Invest your money for a fixed period of time and earn a guaranteed specified interest. You can neither withdraw nor deposit on that account until the time period elapses

We also offer
Business Current official image
Business Current Account

Manage your business conveniently and access a wide range of financial services and tailored transactional business solutions to help grow your business. With the business current account, you are able to make quick payments, transfers, keep audit trail and access business loans.

Enterprise online
Enterprise Online

Enjoy the ability to carry out business transactions online anywhere 24/7. Access real-time balances and statements, make payments, transfers, buy airtime and manage your business account without going into a branch