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What we do

Our enterprise development programs are focused on equipping our SMEs with the necessary business operational skills required to professionalize and grow their enterprises.

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We use various engagement methods to deliver these skills including self-learning through our LMS, in person training sessions, online webinars and ultimately coaching and mentorship. We use pratical tools, audio visual and gamification to ease the learning and make the journey memorable.

This provides our SMEs with a 360 offering to cater for all learning modes and an oppotunity of peer-to-peer learning through the group coaching and mentorship sessions with our experts.

We believe that there is not one one single expert and therefore we organise monthly masterclasses on key topics which are crucial for the learning journey of the SME. During these masterclasses, we host key industry and subject matter experts and partners who help us to demystify various topics and trends that affect the ecosystem.

What we do to accelerate your success

Business Operational Skills

Every business has its unique needs. Our job is to understand these needs, help you fill in any knowledge and skill gaps, and make your business operations more efficient and profitable. We do this through an inclusive approach of capacity building in the form of Specialized Trainings based on the enterprise’s growth stage, Mentorship & Coaching, Business Advisory Services provided in the form of Business Clinics, Exposure Visits, monthly Masterclasses, and many others.

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Access to Market Opportunities

Businesses cannot survive without market for their goods and services. Once your business has gone through the skilling programs and improved its operation, the next stage is to help you get access to market opportunities for your goods and services. We invite enterprises to exhibit their goods and services at our quarterly Incubator Community Events (ICE) where they can meet potential buyers and business partners in person. For businesses in Agriculture, we have partnered with Pure Grow, a major buyer of fresh vegetables that purchases directly from farmers with quality produce. Furthermore, through our partnerships, we have been able to match businesses in similar industries with value chains that could benefit from them.

We additionally use digital platforms such as our website, social media channels and messaging apps which are used to trade by the trainees.

Access to Finances

A business cannot function properly or thrive without the appropriate funds to keep its day-to-day operations running. When enterprises join SBIL, we address their unique needs and empower them to become bankable to enable them to access a variety of Stanbic Bank’s credit solutions including but not limited to Enterprise Loans, Contract Financing, SACCO Loans, and Stanbic4Her Loans. We also conduct investment readiness trainings before pitching sessions to prepare business owners and enable them to better use investment opportunities.

We offer business coaching services which enable businesses acquire Equity Funding through the NSSF Hi Innovator Program. Furthermore, grants have been offered on donor-funded programs such as NISAT and Youth4Biz as part of the program. We are equally collaborating with investment firms to create a funding pipeline for SBIL alumni.

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How we do it

How we take your business to the next level

Our Programmes
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Enterprise Development Program

We continue to offer our flagship venture building program - the Enterprise Development Program – aimed at strengthening capacity to transform their businesses.

Hi Innovator Program

This program, delivered in partnership with National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and Outbox, focuses on supporting high growth potential and growing businesses in Uganda with funding, technical assistance, knowledge, and market access.